Individual Adult Treatment

The aim of psychotherapy is to open a path to a fresh start in life.  As your therapist I will try to help you achieve a new perspective of yourself and of the specific nature and origins of your unhappiness, and you will develop new responses that will minimize your distress.  My goal is to help you change your experience of yourself so that you can be free of recurrent, destabilizing or painful feelings that undermine your peace of mind, confidence, and your relationship with others. 
Expanding Self-perspective
I will seek to develop a mutually trusting, secure relationship with you that fosters reciprocal examination and sharing of self-reflections and feelings.   I will focus on understanding your experiences from your point of view and sharing my responses to them.  This therapeutic dialogue is likely to facilitate your moving beyond attending to yourself primarily in terms of whether you are either good enough on the one hand, or inadequate on the other.  Putting aside this preoccupation with self-evaluation can open  the way to deeper examination of your feelings about your experiences and development of legitimate empathy toward yourself.  The stifling effect that familiar doubts, vulnerabilities, and shame may have had on you and on your ability to perceive yourself open-mindedly and honestly will be increasingly neutralized.
Clarifying Personal Values and Goals
As you and I jointly understand and accept your immediate and past life experience, there is new meaning created for you that reorganizes your thoughts and feelings about yourself and others in your world. Your desires and intentions are clarified in the form of personal ideals and goals which become more emotionally accessible and important to you.  As they do, you feel a more coherent and harmonious sense of yourself, you're able to share more of yourself with others, and you find this more satisfying to do.
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